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Spark Treatment Journey

Spark Teeth Aligners Cost in the UK – Course of Spark Treatment Journey

  • 01
    Spark Aligner Consultation
  • 02
    Case analysis and dental examination
  • 03
    The Making of your Aligners
  • 04
    Fitting your Aligners & Recalls
  • 06
    Undergoing orthodontic treatment
  • 07
    Removing Spark Aligner attachments & Retention
  • 08
    Enhancing your smile
Assessment of orthodontic health
assesment of orthodontic health

One of the most important steps in orthodontic treatment is the initial assessment. This includes:

  • Obtaining the patient’s medical history
  • Outlining the patient’s goals
  • General analysis of patient’s dental health
  • Discussion regarding how Invisalign works
  • Cost


£45 deposit
Spark Aligner Case Analyses
spark clear aligners analyses

A dental examination is required to check the condition of your teeth & gums to ensure you are fit for orthodontic treatment. Obtaining records is used to create a personalised 3D video for demonstration purposes. This is called a “Spark Simulation”

  • Checking for cavities and other signs of tooth decay
  • Assessing the health of the patient’s gums
  • Assessing the jaw joint of the patient
  • Oral cancer screening
  • X-rays (including panoramic)
  • Taking intra-oral and extra-oral photos


Dental Health Check
dental health check ups

The Spark Simulation is a short animation that allows you to see your predicted outcome and includes the number of aligners necessary to achieve your smile goal. If you are happy with the final result, the production of your aligners will be authorised.


Spark Aligners Treatment Plan

On this visit, the clinician will fit your aligners and provide you with a set of instructions tailored to your specific treatment. We will book you provisional visits so we can monitor how your treatment is progressing.


Constant follow-up throughout your Spark Aligner treatment
follow up through spark aligner treatment london

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is crucial to keep your teeth and gums healthy. For best results, we recommend regular visits to our hygienist for a professional clean, as well as maintaining good oral hygiene at home.

(the remaining balance will be spread throughout the course of treatment)

Undergoing orthodontic treatment
follow up through spark aligner treatment

Once your desired smile has been achieved, your attachments will be removed. You will need to wear retainers as instructed by your dentist to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original place.

Fixed retainer consists of a thin metal wire which is permanently bonded to the back of your front six teeth – £150 per arch

Removeable retainer is similar to your Spark Aligner and consists of a clear hard plastic which covers all of your teeth – £150 per arch

Once your Spark Aligner treatment is complete
orthodontic spark treatment

Should you wish to improve the aesthetics of your teeth we offer cosmetic treatment such as whitening & cosmetic bonding. Speak to our dentists for more information, however you will receive an automatic 20% off your aesthetic treatment plan in combination with your Spark Aligner treatment.