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Dental Examination

New Patient Dental Examination London

A dental examination helps the dentist examine how healthy your mouth is. Your dental examination at Thousand Smiles allows you to discuss your oral health with our dentist. With the result of the dental exam, our dentist will suggest the most suitable option to handle any issues.

Your dental exam will involve checking your medical history, and our dentist will check if you have any dental problems. You will also discuss your previous dental history and any concerns. For people with cosmetic concerns, dental examination appointments allow them to discuss their concerns and get expert recommendations from our dentist.

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What will the dentist do?

Our dentist will examine your mouth and also ask some questions. These questions include:

  • Your reason for attending the dental exams
  • If you have noticed any problems like sensitivity or pain
  • Your general health and medications because the medicines you take also affect your oral health
  • How you care for your teeth because the right oral hygiene routine can prevent gum disease and tooth decay
  • If you use tobacco or alcohol because it can harm your oral and general health.

Some of the questions the dentist will ask will depend on the observations from your mouth

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During your dental examination, you can anticipate the following:

  • The dentist will carefully inspect your neck and face to ensure their healthiness.
  • An extra oral examination will be conducted to detect any abnormal conditions.
  • A thorough screening of the soft tissues will be carried out to identify cancerous or pathological lesions. This examination will encompass the inside of your mouth, lips, cheeks, tongue, the back of the throat, and the roof of your mouth. These areas may exhibit signs that are not readily detectable or visible.
  • The gums and teeth will be examined to assess their health and look for indications of damage, decay, or gum disease.
  • For children, the dentist will assess the development of the jaw and teeth to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary.
  • A comparison will be made between the current state of your mouth and its condition during your previous appointment.
  • The dentist may determine the need for additional information by utilizing plaster models or X-rays to evaluate how well your teeth come together when you bite.
  • If treatment is required, the dentist will inform you of the available options and their associated costs.

Please note that if this is your initial visit, the dental examination may take longer. X-rays will be taken to assess bone levels for gum disease and decay evaluation. Additionally, the dentist may capture photographs of your gums, other tissues, and teeth using an intraoral camera. These photos will serve as a reference for future examinations to track any changes.

Types of Dental Examination

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Extraoral examination

This procedure involves carefully palpating the areas surrounding your neck, collarbones, and behind your ears. The purpose is to identify any abnormalities such as bumps, lumps, or irregularities that may necessitate additional investigation. This examination is an essential component of the overall oral cancer screening conducted during every dental examination.

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Intraoral examination

In this examination the dentist, will thoroughly assess the tissues inside your mouth, and check your gums, utilizing a specialised periodontal tool to gently probe the area to check for bleeding and pockets. They will also inspect your teeth for any cracks, chips, decay, or damage to existing crowns or fillings. The examination will also involve evaluating your bite, ensuring that your teeth align properly and function harmoniously.

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Do I need to bring my child to see the dentist?

We advise our patients to bring their children to the dentist when they are still young to enable the detection of any problem early and start preventive measures. We usually provide children with regular fluoride application and place fissure sealants which are directed by the health department to ensure children have healthy teeth from a young age.

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Why is regular dental examination important?

  • You will get expert advice on how to clean your teeth, oral disease prevention, and diet
  • Detect decay early, which helps for a minimally invasive and successful treatment
  • Early gum disease detection
  • Check for oral cancer
  • Saves money

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