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Spark Clear Dental Aligners London

At Thousand Smiles, we offer Spark clear aligners to patients who want to comfortably and discreetly straighten their teeth. Spark is an advanced clear aligner system that uses a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners to move the teeth into the right positions for a more attractive smile.

Spark clear aligners are made from TruGEN™. This is the latest clear aligner material that is virtually invisible, clearer and more comfortable. These aligners are designed for more effective and efficient tooth movement.

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How do Spark clear aligners work?

Like Invisalign aligners, Spark clear aligners are custom-made for each patient. The aligners are similar to a mouthguard used for sports and other activities. You can remove your Spark aligners to enjoy food and drink.

Over time, Spark aligners gradually move the teeth into their desired position, and usually, after a few weeks, you will change the aligners to a new set. Our dentist at Thousand Smiles will monitor how your teeth respond to treatment with Spark clear aligners with Dental Monitoring, an innovative smartphone app.

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What are the Benefits of Spark Invisalign Aligners?

The Spark clear aligners provide the following benefits and features.

Almost invisible

The Spark clear aligners are the most invisible aligners available in the market

Increased comfort

The custom-made aligners are smoothed and hand-trimmed and scalloped around each tooth.

Stain resistant

Spark clear aligners have increased stain resistance compared to other clear aligners.


The aligners are latex, phthalates, BPA and mercury-free.

Are the Spark clear aligners suitable for me?

Spark clear aligners are a suitable treatment option for most people who want to straighten their teeth subtly. If you need Spark clear aligners to straighten your teeth, feel free to visit our dental practice, and our dentist will examine your teeth to recommend the right treatment.

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