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Fixed Braces Treatment Journey

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    Orthodontic assessment
  • 02
    Dental check-up & Records
  • 03
    Choosing your braces
  • 04
    Fitting your braces
  • 05
    Monthly Adjustments
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  • 07
    Removing your braces & Retention
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    Enhance your smile!
Orthodontic assessment

At this assessment the orthodontist will examine your mouth to assess the problem, discuss treatment options & provide you with a personalised treatment plan. The assessment will include:

  • Taking a complete medical history of the patient
  • Clarifying your expectations for orthodontic treatment
  • A thorough evaluation of your face and mouth, including your facial proportions (forehead, nose, lips, and chin), your bite, any missing teeth, and your ability to speak and chew
  • A smile analysis
  • A discussion of the planned adjustments and results from orthodontic treatment


£45 deposit
Records and Dental Health Check

A dental check-up is required to check the condition of your teeth & gums to ensure you are fit for orthodontic treatment. Obtaining records is used to help plan your treatment and the outcome as well as keeping track of your progress.

  • A thorough examination of each of your teeth for indications of disease and decay
  • Evaluation of the patient’s gums
  • An examination of the jaw joint
  • A comprehensive screening for oral cancer
  • X-rays including panoramic
  • Intra-oral and extra-oral photos
  • 3D Models using digital technology
  • A specific report that will tailor your treatment choices and discuss them in detail.
  • A thorough chart of your teeth.


Dental Health Check

We have a few options to choose from when it comes to fixed orthodontic braces. Our clinicians will advise you of the pros and cons and suggest which may be more suitable for you. Once you have chosen your braces we will book you in for fitting!

Single Arch Dual Arch
Metal Braces £150 £200
Ceramic Braces £250 £350
Damon Metal £200 £300
Damon Clear £350 £450
Choose your braces

Our orthodontic therapists have successfully completed extensive training and collaborate closely with our lead clinicians to carry out treatment resulting in the best possible outcome. Their role has been meticulously developed to guarantee that patients receive comfortable & effective treatment. All further appointments will be booked provisionally.


Single Arch – £500

Dual Arch- £750

Fitting your braces

We will continue to meet you at monthly intervals during your treatment in order to adjust your braces and track your progress.


Monthly adjustment

Maintaining the best possible health for your teeth and gums throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment is important and should be practised properly.

In addition to your regular brushing routine, we recommend seeing our hygienist for a professional clean to ensure there is no tartar build-up and teeth, gums and orthodontic appliances are being cleaned well.

During your visits for orthodontic treatment, we will not check for other dental diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease. Therefore, it is essential that you continue to see a general dentist in order to keep your oral health in good condition, as dental problems can impede the progress of your orthodontic treatment as well as your oral health in general.


Maintaining the best possible health for your teeth and gums

Once your desired smile has been achieved, your braces will be removed. You will need to wear retainers as instructed by your dentist to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original place.

Removing your braces – £150

Fixed retainer consists of a thin metal wire which is permanently bonded to the back of your front six teeth – £200 per arch

Removeable retainer is similar to your Invisalign aligners and consists of a clear hard plastic which covers all of your teeth – £200 per arch

Removing your braces and providing retainers

Should you wish to improve the aesthetics of your teeth we offer cosmetic treatment such as whitening & cosmetic bonding. Speak to our dentists for more information, however you will receive an automatic 20% off your aesthetic treatment plan in combination with your Invisalign treatment. klik88 tok99toto k86sport kaizen88 k86toto miliarbet ok88 blitar4d server thailand scatter hitam slot gacor slot gacor