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Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus Mouth Treatment

Lichen planus is a condition that causes irritation and swelling of the nails, skin, mucous membranes and hair. When lichen planus affects the skin, it leaves flat, purple, itchy bumps that often develop over several weeks.

In areas of the body with mucous membranes covering, such as the tongue and vagina, it creates a white patch and, sometimes, painful sores.

You can manage a mild lichen planus at home without medical care, but if the pain is severe with significant itching, reach out to us for professional medical attention. Lichen planus isn’t a contagious infection.

What are the symptoms of lichen planus?

Several symptoms occur from lichen planus, which vary depending on the affected areas. Common symptoms and signs of lichen planus are

  • Itching
  • Hair loss
  • Nail damage or loss
  • Painful sores in the mouth or vagina
  • Change in the colour of the scalp
  • Lacy white patches on the tongue or lips
  • Blisters that result in crusts or scabs when they break
  • A flat, purplish bump on the ankles, wrist, inner forearm and sometimes the genital area

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When do I need to get professional help?

If you notice rashes or bumps on your skin without any reason, like a known allergic reaction or contact with poison ivy, ensure you seek professional medical care. You should also visit the doctor if you experience symptoms or signs of lichen planus on your mouth, nails, scalp or genitals.

We advise visiting the dental practice quickly for an immediate and accurate diagnosis to get the right treatment.

What can cause lichen planus?

Lichen planus often occurs when the immune system attacks the skin cells or mucous membrane. However, studies haven’t shown why the immune system triggers this abnormal response.

The most common triggers for lichen planus are

  • Flu vaccine
  • Hepatitis C infection
  • Some chemicals, pigments and metals
  • Some medications for high blood pressure, heart disease or arthritis
  • Pain relief medications such as naproxen (Aleve) and ibuprofen (Motrin IB, Advil)

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

Risk factors

Everyone can develop lichen planus, but the condition is more common in middle-aged adults. Oral lichen usually affects women in the middle age group.


Managing lichen planus is usually challenging, especially if the symptoms occur in the vagina and vulva. It may result in severe pain and may leave scars. When lichen planus affects the genitals, sexual dysfunction may occur.

It causes the skin to become slightly darker, even after the rashes heal, especially for dark-skinned people. When it occurs in the mouth, eating may become difficult.

Those with lichen planus have a higher risk of oral cancer. Untreated lichen planus may also cause loss of hearing.

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