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Porcelain Emax Veneers UK

At Thousand Smiles, we understand how valuable a gorgeous smile is. Don’t let anything hold you back from flashing your radiant smile frequently. E-max veneers serve as a popular choice for those seeking a smile makeover, and delivering your dream smile with these veneers is our utmost priority.

E-max veneers, developed by the dental ceramics industry leader Ivoclar Vivadent, are ultra-thin, customised dental shells crafted from slightly translucent lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. Renowned for their strength, E-max porcelain veneers can last between 10 to 15 years with appropriate oral hygiene.

These veneers can be applied to enhance tooth colour and shape, cover gaps, or correct overlaps. Thanks to their aesthetic superiority and robustness, E-max veneers are ideally suited for use on canines, incisors, and premolars.

Come and experience the transformative power of E-max veneers at Thousand Smiles. Unlock the full potential of your smile, and let your natural beauty shine through.

e max veneers

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the appearance of the smile, but beyond aesthetics, a smile can affect self-esteem, which may reflect other areas of life. At Thousand Smiles, we perform cosmetic dental procedures to help people be confident about their smiles.

An overview of E-max porcelain veneers

The E-max porcelain veneers can give you a beautiful smile quickly. It also offers more advantages besides aesthetics. They are made from a ceramic material made with modern technology for increased strength.

The veneers are suitable for root canal treatment, durable and custom-made to fit and match the existing teeth’ colour.

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

Benefits of E-max veneers

E-max veneers are more durable and thinner and give a natural appearance due to their slightly translucent property. Their thinness makes them more flexible, and the placement requires less removal of the teeth’ surface.

A significant advantage of the E-max veneer is the absence of metal in the ceramic alloy, unlike the crowns with a metal base often hidden under the gum. E-max veneers look more like natural teeth, giving a pleasant result because they are virtually invisible when you smile.

They also integrate properly into the gums; the gums cover the top of the veneer and take their natural position after a few days.

This and more is what you get when you visit us at Thousand Smiles.

best e max veneers london

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

before after e max veneers

Disadvantages of the E-max veneers

Before fitting E-max veneers, bleaching the teeth is necessary, especially if the teeth are overly stained. Since the veneers are translucent, the teeth under the shell may be slightly visible if your teeth are brown or grey from excessive smoking or tea and coffee consumption.

If there is a metal screw or you need the veneer on several teeth, the dentist may advise against getting E-max veneers. Getting a crown may be the best option if your teeth are severely damaged.

E-max veneers can resist up to 1000Mpa of pressure, but the average pressure from chewing is 35 – 45Mpa. However, if you grind or clench your teeth or have strong jaw muscularity, Zirconia crowns are better because they resist up to 1400Mpa. Since reducing the tooth is necessary before the E-max placement, the procedure is irreversible.

E-max application procedure

The first step is a consultation with our dentist to discuss your aesthetic goal. The dentist will also perform a dental assessment and choose the right material and colour that suits your needs. You will also get a breakdown of the treatment cost at this appointment.

The second appointment is for shaping the teeth and taking the impression of the teeth, which will be fitted with the veneer. You will get temporary veneers while the laboratory produces the permanent veneer.

At your third and last appointment, the dentist will try on the E-max veneer on the tooth and bond it to the natural tooth under local anaesthesia. Fitting an E-max veneer on a tooth takes about 20 minutes, so the appointment may last a few hours, depending on the number of veneers you need.

e max veneers london

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

What is the cost of an E-max veneer?

The cost of E-max veneers varies depending on several factors, such as the placement and material. On average, it costs £550 – £650. You can always reach out to our dentist for a consultation and to know more about the pricing.

If you have stained, discoloured, worn down, chipped or broken teeth, visit Thousand Smiles to get E-max veneers and improve your smile. You can also call us on 020 8050 0280 to book an appointment with our dentist.

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