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Quick Braces

Quick Smile Braces in London

Quick braces are removable or fixed braces used to align the front teeth. They focus on the front 6 – 8 teeth, helping to correct mild to moderate orthodontic problems. This makes quick braces more affordable than other similar options.

Different quick braces options are available at Thousand Smiles, which uses clear braces and tooth-coloured wires to straighten the teeth. The treatment takes a considerably shorter time than the traditional braces, ensuring a fast and cost-effective teeth-straightening treatment.

What are the advantages of quick braces?


The quick treatment time and lesser laboratory fees make quick braces a cost-effective option for straightening the teeth. This means more affordable treatment without compromising on the quality of the teeth straightening treatment.


The wires and brackets are tooth-coloured and made to match the teeth, making them almost invisible. You can straighten your teeth quickly, and people will not know you’re wearing braces.


The teeth straightening treatments take about 4 – 24 weeks, depending on the complexity of the orthodontic issue. They concentrate on only the front teeth, meaning less time than the traditional full braces.


The braces are designed to ensure comfort while wearing them. Clear braces look discreet and extremely comfortable.

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

What factors affect treatment time with a quick brace?

The complexity of the orthodontic issue and your desired result

You can’t determine how fast your treatment with quick braces will be unless you’ve decided the result you need. Considering where your jaw and teeth should be for excellent health, aesthetics and function are also important.

The less movement needed, the faster your treatment will be. You can wear quick braces to straighten only your six front teeth without correcting your bite or the entire mouth.

The type of brace you want to wear

There have been advancements in orthodontic technology, among which are invisible braces. These braces are available to most patients and are dental practiceally proven to be as effective as traditional braces.

Your biological response

How fast orthodontic treatment is, depends on how your teeth respond to movement. A significant part of the teeth remains unseen, and under the gums is the bone.

Your body’s response significantly affects how long your treatment will last because the soft tissues and bone require complete remodelling to achieve the desired result. However, you can’t determine how fast or slow your teeth will move until you start your treatment.

Quality of the treatment plan

A comprehensive treatment plan will make the most use of time. Innovative orthodontic technologies and 3D digital imaging can help plan each tooth’s movement to prevent unnecessary movement.

Accelerated treatment additions

Some devices and procedures are now available that increase cellular activity and enhance biological response to tooth movement to reduce treatment time. These procedures don’t speed up the treatment of one tooth but can reduce treatment time by 30 – 50%.

Routine adjustments and breakages

The frequency of your visits to the dentist to correct irregularities or fix broken wires or brackets will affect your overall treatment time. If you are careful, your treatment will be faster than if you miss your adjustments or break the braces.

Consistency of wear

If the dentist instructs you to wear any elastic to help with your alignment or bite, but you don’t adhere to the instruction, your treatment will be slower. Wearing your elastic band speed-up teeth movement and makes treatment faster.

If you wear the Invisalign aligners and don’t commit to wearing them for up to 22 hours daily, your treatment will take longer than expected.

While there are no quick fixes for orthodontic treatment, adhering to our dentist’s instructions at Thousand Smiles ensures your treatment goes as planned and is completed at the expected time.

We aim to ensure you get your desired smile and it lasts you a lifetime, so contact Thousand Smiles today at 020 8050 0280 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment for your quick braces.

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