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Emergency Dental Services in London

At Thousand Smiles, we are always ready to address your dental concerns. Our services remain accessible even during holidays, weekends, or beyond regular working hours, allowing you to book an emergency dental appointment whenever you need it. You may find yourself questioning, “what constitutes a dental emergency?”

Recognising the distinction between routine dental issues and urgent dental emergencies is crucial. Understanding this difference can prevent severe dental complications, tooth loss, or even lifethreatening situations. Reach out to Thousand Smiles for any dental emergencies, and our team of professional dentists will ensure you receive immediate and appropriate care.

emergency dentist london

What is treated as a dental emergency?

So many people experience unprecedented dental issues – these conditions are common. But not all cases should be seen as an emergency.

Do you need to see an emergency dentist or wait? Here are some questions that can help:

  • Do you have a missing tooth? Quick treatment can preserve the tooth.
  • Are you having serious pain? If the tooth is bleeding and causing so much pain, you may have to see your emergency dentist at Thousand Smiles.
  • Do you have an infection?Infection can be symbolised by a swollen face or gum. Severe infection like tooth abscess needs immediate treatment.
  • Is your teeth coming loose? It may not be painful, however, a loose tooth is a sign of a serious underlying issue.
  • Are your gums bleeding? It’s a likely sign you need emergency dental care.

Dental emergencies generally demand quick treatment to control bleeding, soothe severe discomfort or preserve a tooth. Fatal infections, should be removed.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, please book here to visit one of our Thousand Smiles dentists.

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

Dental emergencies that are common and can be fixed

You can find relief with these guidelines in the event that you develop any of the following typical dental emergencies:

emergency dentist

Knocked out tooth

Taking the right measures promptly after losing a tooth can increase the odds of keeping the tooth.

If your tooth has been knocked out, these steps can help:

  • Gently pick up the tooth, ensuring you hold it by the crown (top part), not the root
  • Rinse the tooth carefully; don’t scrub
  • Try putting the tooth back into its socket – if possible
  • Where this is not working, preserve the tooth in milk and hurry along to the dentist
  • Contacting the dentist at Thousand Smiles on time can keep your tooth alive

Chipped or cracked tooth

Determining whether a chipped or cracked tooth constitutes a dental emergency can be somewhat complex. If there’s no pain associated with the cracked tooth, it’s generally considered a nonemergency. However, it’s essential to chew carefully to avoid exacerbating the crack.

A cracked tooth typically affects both the interior and exterior of the tooth. In some severe instances, the fracture might be so extensive that saving the tooth is impossible.

If you’re experiencing pain from a fractured tooth, it’s critical to consult your dentist. Ahead of your dental visit, you can find temporary relief by:

  • Rinsing your mouth with warm water
  • Applying a cold compress to your cheek to reduce swelling
  • Taking Paracetamol to alleviate discomfort

To identify the problem, your dentist might need to conduct an x-ray. Depending on the severity of the damage to the tooth pulp, a root canal might be required. If the tooth pulp is undamaged, a dental crown might be the appropriate solution. For any tooth emergencies, Thousand Smiles is your trusted partner, offering comprehensive emergency dental services in London.

best emergency dentist

Dental abscess

A dental abscess usually qualifies as a dental emergency. It manifests as a pus-filled sac within the tooth, resulting from an infection. The condition is serious and can trigger symptoms such as facial swelling, tooth sensitivity, constant toothache, high fever, and a swollen gum surrounding the affected tooth.

There’s a risk that a dental abscess could spread to adjacent tissues around the jaw, intensifying the condition. As you wait for your dental appointment, you can alleviate the discomfort by rinsing your mouth with salt water several times a day. This method can also help to draw the pus to the surface.

For urgent dental emergencies like an abscess, Thousand Smiles provides prompt and efficient emergency dental services in London, ensuring your dental health is taken care of, no matter the time or day.

Highly experienced dentists offering advanced dental treatments at Thousand Smiles.

You can avoid dental emergencies

By ensuring your teeth and gums get the right kind of care every day, including dental cleaning and checkups, you can hold back potential dental emergencies from coming through. At your dental checkup, our Thousand Smiles dentist will carefully look out for symptoms of dental problems like tooth infection, decay, gum disease, and whether restorations like fillings or crowns are tight enough.

With a bespoke dental treatment plan, oral concerns can be nipped in the bud and not turn out to be emergencies.

Thousand Smiles – Your Trusted Emergency Dental Care Provider

Even with diligent dental routines, emergencies can still occur. Understanding what constitutes a dental emergency is vital as delays in treatment could potentially worsen the situation. However, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced team of emergency dentists at Thousand Smiles is always ready to assist whenever a dental emergency strikes.

For urgent dental attention, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Thousand Smiles. Call us today on 020 8050 0280 We are committed to providing prompt and efficient emergency dental services in London, ensuring your dental health is prioritised, regardless of the day or time.
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